2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Spigots & Hardware

Our highly engineered 2205 DUPLEX spigots and architectural hardware are designed and developed to ensure we consistently produce industry leading load strength and corrosion resistance. Glass pool fencing systems are predominantly exposed to adverse weather and environmental elements, demanding only the highest quality 2205 Stainless Steel for your glass pool fence will ensure longevity and structural integrity.

When choosing hardware for your frameless glass pool fence ask your supplier to provide engineering certificates from a globally recognised certification body and ensure they can produce documentation to prove that their glass has been produced to Australian standards and has been certified by an independent third party certification group.

If the company you are talking to can't produce these documents you need to speak to someone who can. With spigots available in round and square profiles with core-drilled and base plated models all fully engineered by NATA recognised group we promise we have the hardware solution for your home or project.

Hinges & Latches

We offer a range of hinges and latches from our simple yet enduring and reliable self-closing spring driven series right through to our highly advanced hydraulically driven self-closing models. All of our latches are designed with simplicity in mind and safe reliable functionality as core ideals.

We can offer latches to suit any configuration you can imagine from simple in-line to inswing and outswing 90 degree variants. All of our self-closing pool fence latches are driven by a simple side pool magna latch action which has the advantage of bulletproof reliability, safety and a very clean aesthetic.