Our glass stairwell systems will ensure your home or project is enhanced architecturally with the edition of a ROBCO fully engineered system. We offer a multitude of either offset rail or simple capping rails profiles to provide the ultimate complimentary solution for your home or project. ROBCO can provide fully customized solutions to suit your stairs in either channel fixed, spigot mounted or our most popular stairwell solution face fixed systems. We also have a great range of either offset rail systems which are amongst the most highly contemporary systems and can integrate seamlessly when transitioning between different levels within your home or project. Our capping rails systems can also be integrated into our stair glass balustrades creating a simple clean aesthetic. With advanced custom glass capabilities and highly advanced in house design ROBCO is your only choice for glass balustrading.

Fully Engineered, Exceeding Australian Standards, Highest Quality Hardware and Unrivalled Service. We promise great results

Everything you need

We have everything you need to complete your glass balustrade. Utilizing our highly engineered stair glass hardware and associated architectural hardware you are guaranteed an easy installation and amazing results. No matter what your application we can assure you we will have a solution! you can install glass balustrades to practically any staircase whether it’s a simple exposed dual stringer, mono steel stringer with cantilever timber treads or an amazing high end glass tread system we can help design and supply an amazing glass stairwell balustrade to suit your home or project.

Our glass processing capabilities employ the worlds most advanced manufacturing plant and equipment this means you have access to industry leading glass balustrade systems at unbeatable prices. All of our glass and hardware are independently certified and tested to guarantee we exceed all relevant Australian Standards and National Construction Codes.

Product Detail

12mm Toughened & Heat Soaked Glass

Our toughened and heat soaked balustrade glass panels with or without pre drilled holes to allow for architectural hardware to be mechanically fixed through the glass allowing for seamless integration with our standoff hardware and when specified our offset rails. All glass is produced and tested to ensure we exceed all relevant Australian Standards and National Construction Codes. All toughened and heat soaked glass panels are stamped to comply with AS2208 with test certificates available for your certifier. Quality assured we promise!

2205 Duplex Stainless-Steel Standoffs & Hardware

Our highly engineered 2205 DUPLEX standoffs, spigots and architectural hardware are designed and developed to ensure we consistently produce industry leading load strength and corrosion resistance. Balustrade systems are predominantly exposed to adverse weather and environmental elements, demanding only the highest quality 2205 Stainless Steel for your Frameless Glass Balustrade will ensure longevity and structural integrity. With spigots available in round and square profiles with core-drilled and base plated models and standoffs available in a range off diameters, offsets and finish’s we promise we have the hardware solution for your home or project.

316L Stainless-Steel Handrails

Our Frameless Glass Staircase Systems can be specified in a multitude of different handrail profiles with either capping rail or offset rail configurations you can be sure we have a profile that will compliment your architecture and design. Handrails are required on all monolithic toughened glass balustrades to ensure they comply with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code. Our capping rails are 316L Stainless Steel and modular in design for easy installation.

SPG by Dupont

If your new architecturally designed home demands the minimalistic aesthetic achieved without incorporating a stainless steel handrail call us today to find out more about our fully engineered toughened laminated systems incorporating SPG by DUPONT for the ultimate in safety, strength and structural integrity. Click here to find out more!