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Commercial Installation

Commercial installation Posi-Glaze is suitable for many applications from residential to commercial settings using the same profiles giving many advantages over other products on the market. These advantages will give key help to the installer with quick and easy product selection and installation


Posiglaze is so easy to install

  1. Fit the base channel (D1) to the substructure (Details on suitable fixing can be found on our website).
  2. Clip the glass slip clamps (D2) to the bottom edge of the glass panel (We produce different sized clamps for different glass thicknesses).
  3. Place the bolt screws in the pivot clamp (D3).
  4. Position the glass in the channel.
  5. Using the adjustment bolts; loosening one side and tightening the other. This will allow the alignment of the glass with the next panel and enable plumbing of the glass.
  6. Attaching the cover strip (D4) and bead gasket (D5).


Fast Installation

Designed to be installed without the need of ensuring the fitting surface is totally level.

Fully Adjustable

Posi Glaze uses a unique, simple adjustment system allowing horizontal alignment of each glass panel even after installation.

Light Weight & Extremely Strong

For added protection we anodise our system increasing protection against the elements. Panels have a thickness of 12mm for toughened glass, and 21.5mm for laminated glass.

Excellently Engineered

Our system is tested & engineered to meet the strictest building regulations (with the appropriate fixing and glass thickness) in both domestic and commercial installations.

Fitting Applications

BSI with 6180:2011

Meets BSI standard 6180:2011.
We’ve designed Posiglaze to meet. BSi 6180:2011, 1.5kN loading.

CSTB 5 test.

Our PosiGlaze channel has passed the CSTB 5 test. This was completed by our French/Italian distributor Logli Massimo under their product name DEFENDER 450.